Claim Bees makes accident management easy

Claim Bees GmbH works for leading insurance companies and vehicle fleets. We contact claimants after an accident to let them know their claim is being processed and to offer help getting the damaged car repaired or providing a rental car.

Claim Bees - taking care of the customer accident claim journey

As much as we’d like to, we can’t make traffic accidents a pleasant experience. But we do make sure that what happens next – the insurance claim process – is clear, friendly and helpful. We help claimants get back on the road sooner and help insurers settle claims more quickly. The claimant’s feeling of uncertainty about what to do next is gone. Claims are settled more quickly, customer satisfaction is higher and unnecessary costs are avoided.

What we do

We provide a professional outbound telephone service on behalf of the insurer immediately after a claim is notified. Every claim is different. We think the best way of finding out what the claimant really needs is to ask! We then make sure claimants get the help they need. Our research shows that by taking this active approach, insurers significantly increase the percentage of managed repairs.

How we do it

What we do is important, but how we do it is what sets us apart. With a combination of the right people, tools, training and opportunity we consistently deliver the highest success rates in the industry.

Why we do it – the benefits

Most insurers provide excellent all-inclusive repair and mobility service. But many claimants are not aware of it when they need it most – just after an accident. By using Claim Bees, the conversion rate will typically increase by more than 10 percentage points.