Gateway Select

Innovation Group provides a tailored technology and services offering dedicated to the handling of all vehicle related incidents on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and importers.

Buying a vehicle is just the start of a lifetime's relationship

Today’s customers expect no less from their relationship with their car brand then they receive from other providers. Innovation Group’s Gateway ensures that you maintain that relationship throughout the entire lifetime – whatever happens

Gateway Select helps you convert, retain and connect to your customer

Gateway is a powerful and flexible platform that streamlines the delivery of after-sale support to your customer. Whether repair, warranty, roadside assistance or mobility, Gateway delivers unmatched automation across your entire service range

Where All of Your Services Come Together

With Gateway Select, we’ll help you retain customers, convert new ones and track their entire vehicle lifetime in one place…


Gateway builds on Innovation Group’s 20-year global network management expertise, offering unrivalled support and deployment in to accident repair, roadside assistance, maintenance, warranty and replacement vehicle networks, all designed around your unique needs


Powering your entire value-added services offering on a single platform from incident to resolution delivers powerful insights that will help provide clarity on your approach and help drive decisions to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing market.