First notification of loss

With its simplicity, connectivity and network collaboration, Gateway takes care of the customer from the very first notification of loss right through to resolution.

Customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

The first notification of loss from the customer to insurer determines the rest of the claim journey. Customers want clear communication, constant updates, and speedy settlement so life can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Gateway’s user-friendly web or mobile app allows your policyholders to instantly notify you and submit a claim, and choose how they want to interact with you – either phone, web or through their mobile or tablet device. Our integrated online and call centre is staffed by sensitive, experienced claim handlers who can reassure customers that the right help is on the way. Gateway’s integrated customer service channels and digital connectivity ensure that insurers can always keep their customers updated and in the loop.

Gateway: manage the claim journey from crash to keys.

Gateway’s FNOL capabilities enable you to manage the customer claim from any point in the process, all the way from crash to keys handover. Gateway’s user-friendly, responsive app allows your customers to access their policy from their mobile device and they can track their claim progress at any point, across any channel, reassuring them that their claim is being handled quickly and efficiently.


Gateway provides true platform-agnostic plug-and-play functionality – the app or API can be white-labelled and integrated into your own platform for maximum customer convenience. Because Gateway is seamlessly connected 24/7 to every part of the supply chain network, your customer can instantly search and self-select rescue, salvage and bodyshop companies based on their area and availability, no matter where they are. And they can rate their repair experience through customer feedback surveys to incentivise repairer performance.


Gateway gives you optimum control of the claim process from FNOL to settlement, and makes your customer feel valued with expert service, rapid response and personalised updates. Gateway gives you the strength to scale new heights in customer service.