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Gateway’s transformational technology helps insurers streamline their insurance claims journey and deliver outstanding customer service. Gateway is delivering the future of insurance today.

Features list

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Gateway’s Locate feature uses intelligent search to connect customers and repairers at the right time, reducing delays and speeding up claim fulfilment time.

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Claim management

Gateway’s digital hub takes care of every part of the claim management cycle, giving clients total control, interconnectivity and oversight.

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Network management

Gateway builds on Innovation Group’s 20-year network management expertise for insurers worldwide, offering unrivalled insurer, customer and supplier integration.

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Total loss

Gateway’s end-to-end total loss module allows you to manage a vehicle total loss claim all the way from valuation to settlement, with greater efficiency and transparency.

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Gateway’s intuitive Insights module offers insurers visualisation dashboards and unique data metrics on-demand to drive valuable business decisions.

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Gateway gives customers instant access to submit and track their incident claim online or from their mobile or device, from first notification of loss to end resolution, wherever they are.

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Service plans

Gateway connects all partners during the lifecycle of a vehicle’s service plan, from sales to service repair management of a customer’s vehicle.

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Auto warranty

Gateway’s warranty module gives seamless and personalised warranty service management, including real-time quotes and instant cost approvals for repairers.

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Property repair management

Gateway allows contractors to manage and schedule large projects with dynamic visualisation tools and constant status communications throughout the repair process.

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Property assessment

Gateway helps property managers repair and maintain their property projects with cost-effective assessments conducted by highly qualified assessors and repairers.

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