Claim management

Gateway offers much more than end-to-end claim management. It transforms the entire process, anticipating insurer and customer needs before the claim process has even begun.

Gateway helps insurers go above and beyond customer expectations with proactive claim management.

With technology moving forward at an ever-quickening pace, claim management needs to evolve with it. You risk falling behind if you don’t have full visibility over every part of the claim chain. And there’s no quicker way to lose a customer’s business than to delay settlement of their claim because of disjointed processes and outdated information.

Gateway’s flexible claim management module helps insurers to expand their field of vision and respond quickly to new insurance scenarios in a constantly moving and changing market. From the first notification of loss, Gateway links every participant in the network with dynamic real-time data, on-demand and with 360-degree visibility as the claim progresses. Gateway ensures you never lose sight of your customer.

Gateway: true visibility for vastly improved claim management.

Gateway is the industry-leading digital claims hub for insurers, customers and the supply chain network. With its wealth of always-available interconnected data sources across the entire claim chain, Gateway provides true visibility over costs and process performance. And because Gateway is powered by the cloud, it can be instantly updated with new services to meet business and customer demand.


Gateway lets you take control and optimise repairer estimate management, cost approvals and customise workflows for business target operating models. Each Gateway module can be turned on independently or alongside complementary and relevant modules as required, enabling business objectives to be achieved rapidly and painlessly.


With real-time dynamic data integration across the entire network, insurers get 100% visibility of the claim process from start to finish. Gateway gives you the insight you need with fast, automated and intelligent decisioning and streamlined management so that you can focus on your customer.