Achieve customer retention with our warranty and service plans

Our dedicated dealership support teams will help you deepen loyalty and establish brand dominance.

Extend customer loyalty with warranty support for manufacturers and dealers

Innovation Group offers tailored warranty services, designed specifically for your business and backed by dedicated dealership support. Streamlined administration and renewals processes are combined with omnichannel customer service, bespoke management information, and an experienced customer retention team that will help you deepen customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Keep your customers moving with superior aftersales servicing

Innovation Group’s aftersales service plans are backed by an extensive supply and repairer network to get your customers’ vehicles serviced in rapid time. Our ability to drive down costs and accelerate service processes helps manufacturers to achieve thousands more service plan sales, increase renewal rates and establish brand dominance.

Our aftersales service gives manufacturers the edge in customer retention

Offering a trusted warranty and service plan at a competitive price is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing a vehicle sale. That’s why the world’s leading manufacturers and dealerships depend on Innovation Group to provide warranty and servicing that cover every aspect of a vehicle’s lifecycle. And when customers know they’ve got comprehensive coverage, they’ll stay loyal to you.


We offer extended warranties and service plans with flexible payment options. Dedicated customer and dealer support, including reliable relationship managers, can give you expert advice and field-based training.


Our warranties and service plans are underpinned by high-quality service standards, which are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure consistent performance. That’s why manufacturers know they can rely on Innovation Group to keep their customers moving.