Network management

Gateway’s pioneering network management module seamlessly integrates everyone in the insurance ecosystem, empowering insurers, customers, and supply chain partners with tangible process enhancements and intelligent data.

Gateway: driving efficiency through effortless network management.

For over 20 years, Innovation Group has delivered exceptional network management on behalf of insurers worldwide. With our pioneering Gateway platform, we’re driving innovation even further with tools that will help you identify cost savings, accelerate the claim process and deliver intuitive customer service.

Through its easy-to-navigate web-based user interface or API, Gateway’s network management module enables automated repairer search, selection and reservation in lightening-quick time. You can track and monitor repair progress at any time with bodyshop dashboards integrated with estimates and invoices to streamline and speed up repair progress. Workgroups can be defined by service line, partner or individual, and dynamic task management enables you to schedule alerts and notifications based on your KPIs, SLAs and progression milestones.

Gateway: delivering next-generation network management.

Innovation Group’s depth of expertise and industry-leading intelligence have made us pioneers in the insurance industry, and we know that the key to successful network management relies upon seamless and continuous integration of all network partners, wherever they are at any stage in the claim and repair process.


By integrating real-time data from network partners, Gateway can help you reduce approved supplier onboarding from weeks to just hours, helping you to increase customer coverage and reduce repair times. With its automated task management, work-in-progress tracking enables you to monitor progress at every stage, and also generate automatic status and payment updates. When you and your partners can tap into dynamic network management, you drive greater efficiency at lower cost. And that delivers outstanding service that keeps your customers loyal to you.