Gateway’s Insights module unleashes the power of your data with advanced analytics and visualisation tools that will transform your business with unique strategic advantages. Get ahead with Gateway.

Empowering better business decisions with data-driven Insights.

Gateway’s valuable real-time data analytics will revolutionise your insurance claim processes with 360-degree workflow visibility and actionable insights. Gateway gives you a holistic, unified view of every data source in your entire network, right across your supply chain and customer base.

The flexibility of Gateway makes it easily integrated with any data point in your network, with data access and permissions tightly controlled and constantly monitored. With its user-friendly interface, you can use Gateway’s out-of-the-box analytics tools, or build your own according to your business needs and unique objectives.

Gateway transforms vast, complex historic and current data flows into easy-to-understand visualisation dashboards and clear metrics, enabling you to identify and achieve process improvements, operational efficiencies and supply chain performance.

Determine your next course of action with Gateway Insights.

Insurers need a fully integrated and agile claims management platform that can evaluate multiple data points in real time and make profitable business decisions. With its unparalleled connectivity, Gateway drills deep into all of your network data sources to determine your next course of action.


Gateway’s Insights module helps insurers get clear vision of their customers’ needs and zoom in on operational inefficiencies. You can target performance management from a universal or group view, right down to individual bodyshops so you can track repair progress. Customisable dashboards allow you to drill down, explore and share data according to your objectives and operational requirements, and share insights via any digital channel.


Gateway’s Insights module provides an embedded visualisation capability to dashboards and metrics generated within the platform and your business. Whether you need to see real-time data on claim or repair volumes, NPS or satisfaction scores or overall operational performance, you can view this visual data on-demand. The faster and more accurate your data is, the better informed your decisions will be – and that means more satisfied customers and increased profits.