Tap into the strength of our approved repairer network

Get wider repair coverage for your customers at lower cost with Innovation Group.

A strong supply chain linked by high-quality repairers

We know what it takes to make a successful supply chain network. It’s built on accredited and certified repairers who adhere to strict guidelines to ensure long-lasting high-quality repairs. Our supply chain is unmatched in scale and reputation, and you’ll always receive exceptional service from our approved, trustworthy partners.

Streamlined claim management for faster repairs

Whether it’s a car or property insurance claim, speed up the repair process and get your policyholder’s life back to normal in extra-quick time with our Gateway platform. Gateway streamlines repair management with real-time repairer capacity views and customisable workflows to give you 360-visibility over every aspect of the repair process.

Rapid repair processes driven by a world-class network.

What sets Innovation Group apart from its competitors is the unrivalled strength of its world-class supplier, service and repair network, with over 700 trusted repairers to choose from in the UK alone. That gives you and your customers greater coverage, capacity and service options, which all add up to a better customer experience.


The strength of our network gives us significant buyer power to negotiate lower costs for insurers, repairers and their customers. The wide scale of our supply chain network is underpinned by the trustworthy reputations of our partners, who are tightly monitored and continuously reviewed to ensure consistent performance. And because your customers can rate and review the service they receive, our supply chain is incentivised to meet and beat performance targets. And that helps you to deliver outstanding customer service and exceed your business objectives.


Innovation Group creates new opportunities for you, your customers and your partners by continually creating pioneering solutions backed by long-standing industry expertise. And we never stop looking to explore and innovate for the benefit of our clients and their customers.