Deliver service and operational excellence

Our transformational, future-proof technology and customer-focused services make us pioneers of efficient, cost-effective solutions for the insurance, repairer, manufacturer and fleet sectors.

Industry solutions

Claims as a Service (CaaS)

Innovation Group provides a Claims as a Service (CaaS) solution to the Global Insurance Industry with fast-response operational teams and a digital claims platform that can be up and running in a matter of days.

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Safe couple, exited to know Innovation Group is handling their property insurer


Innovation Group handles hundreds of thousands of insurance claims for auto and property insurers every year, saving millions of pounds with pioneering claim management solutions.

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Modern repiarer using tehconology to offer the best services to the clients


The strength of Innovation Group’s world-class supplier, service and repair network gives our clients and their customers greater coverage, capacity and service options.

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Mercedes- Benz manufacturers and OEMS getting tailored warranty services from Innovation Group


Auto manufacturers and OEMS get comprehensive warranty support from Innovation Group. We offer tailored warranty services, designed specifically for your business requirements.

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Collection of cars highlighting the fast fleet operators


Innovation Group’s unparalleled technical expertise keeps fleet operators moving with solutions to minimise off-road time, accelerate vehicle selection and automate maintenance approvals.

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