Total loss

Gateway’s end-to-end total loss module allows you to manage a vehicle total loss claim all the way from initial valuation to settlement, driving greater efficiency and transparency.

Cutting the cost of total loss with data-driven insight.

Calculating the cost of a total loss to determine a repair or write-off decision requires instant, accurate assessment and valuation data. Everyone in the claim and repair chain – insurers, repairers, salvage companies and other supply partners – need to be constantly interconnected to drive seamless data flows and deliver accurate decisions.

Gateway enables faster, accurate data-driven decisions that reduce indemnity exposure, and optimise supply chain performance. That adds up to reduced processing time and speedier resolution for customers. Gateway allows you to connect to any network and supply chain anywhere at any time to get full line of sight on total loss costs.

Customisable data flow for rapid response.

Gateway’s total loss module is fully customisable and can be adapted to the unique needs and objectives of your business. Through Gateway, you can instantly view salvage or rescue agent availability in your customer’s area, chase and receive vehicle images to assess damage, and complete valuation of the vehicle to determine a total loss.


Payments can be agreed with a customer and automated for faster order settlement, and you can view the total loss audit through a progression screen to facilitate reporting and management information. And its user-centred design gives Gateway the simplicity and flexibility to be white-labelled for plug-and-play integration into your own enterprise platform for ease of use.


The total loss module, combined with Gateway’s always-on supply chain connectivity and highly advanced data analytics, means that you get full transparency on total loss costs, leading to faster, more accurate decisions that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Gateway gives you real depth in granular data insights to inform your future business strategy and improve your underwriting performance.