Gateway: the future of insurance claims technology is here now

Insurers can now use one single, simple online platform to manage the entire insurance claim process from end to end with Innovation Group’s Gateway. Gateway’s progressive, pioneering technology and advanced functionality are set to completely transform and revolutionise your customer experience.

Cloud native

From the very first contact between customer and insurer, Gateway instantly leverages its cloud-native network to kick-start the claims process. Gateway links customers, insurers and repairers in real-time through its responsive, easy to use web, tablet or mobile application. Harnessing its Azure cloud-powered capabilities, Gateway’s live search function enables customers to instantly look for qualified rescue, repair or salvage specialists in their area, at any time.

Smart(er) engine

Gateway’s smart engine is powered by unique machine learning intelligence, which helps insurers and supply chain partners to anticipate what your customers need and evolve to meet changing business volumes or demands, rapidly and efficiently. Using powerful algorithms that are continuously learning and evolving, Gateway’s flexible and agile software architecture allows client services to be tailored to any requirement, including stand-alone services or unified functions. Gateway is the definitive ‘on-demand’ solution.


Gateway is truly an ‘always-on’ network, thanks to its unrivalled level of interconnectivity with everyone in the claim chain. Gateway links customers, insurers, repairers and suppliers with continuous real-time data flows, giving maximum transparency at every stage in the claim process. Claim tracking, repair progress status updates, dynamic data analytics and personalised customer notifications are all handled effortlessly by Gateway, speeding up claim resolution.


Gateway’s security defences are digital armour for your data. Gateway’s robust encryption, multi-factor authentication and secure cloud storage give peace of mind in the face of cyber-attacks, fraud or file corruption. With Gateway’s stringent safeguards and log-in protocols, you control who has access to your data. Data integrity is ensured with continuous monitoring and oversight, along with automated file scanning to detect bugs or corrupt data.

Ready to open the gateway to optimised business?