Powered by real-time intelligent decisioning and unmatched supplier network connectivity, Gateway’s Locate will help your customers navigate their claims journey with simplicity.

With Locate, insurers can instantly connect their customers with the right repairer at the right time.

When a customer notifies their insurer about a claim, the hassle of trying to find qualified repairers only adds to stress they don’t need.

With Gateway’s easy-to-use and responsive web or mobile app, Locate enables your customer to do a live search in real-time for approved repairers in their area, anywhere at any time. Instantly, your customer is connected to our certified repairer network, and can view repairer availability and get instant claim decisions to kick-start the claim process.

Customers can select their preferred repairer or insurers can book reservations with repairers on behalf of their customers, making their claim journey even smoother. And with customer reviews, our repairer network is incentivised to deliver consistently excellent performance.

Locate: helping customers to navigate a smoother claim journey.

With so many moving parts in the insurance network, disjointed service and communications will mean poor performance and unacceptable loss of customer trust and profitability. Gateway eliminates these problems with its unparalleled network coverage and connectivity, meaning it can connect any insurer network and supplier chain anywhere at any time – and digitally connect customers to them straight away.


Gateway’s Locate enables your customers to do a live search in real time for repairers and other suppliers in your network. No matter where the customer is, they can instantly locate qualified repairers in their area and get instant decisions, all through a fully responsive app on their desktop, mobile or other devices.


Gateway does this by using the very latest in machine learning algorithms, powering its intelligent search engine to bring up real-time information on-demand. The ‘search’ algorithm crunches multiple variables at lightening-fast speed to produce immediate decisions based on: vehicle or property type, customer location, damage extent and repair requirements, repairer or supplier availability, capabilities and quality of service rating, customer preferences, costs and repair times.