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Accelerating positive change with future-proof technology

Gateway’s transformational, future-proof technology optimises every aspect of your claim management operations. Remove time-consuming manual processes, gain valuable data insights and speed up claim resolution. Tap into the unrivalled scale of its network connectivity to accelerate and enhance your supply chain performance. Deliver a positive customer experience and deepen loyalty. Empower your business with the power of Gateway.

The future of insurance


Gateway’s streamlined, automated workflows and dynamic data integration are delivering the future of insurance claims management today. Gateway’s intelligent network management delivers frictionless claim resolution and vastly improved operational efficiency.


Gateway uses the latest in machine learning technology and smart data analytics to make lightning-fast accurate decisions. With better, faster data, Gateway gives you the edge in claim resolution.


Gateway’s on-demand digital capabilities give you 360-degree visibility over claim management. Cloud power and customisable modules mean it can be seamlessly integrated with your platform and updated with no downtime.


Gateway is digital armour for your data. Robust security defences, 24/7 monitoring and cloud-powered protection ensure your data is always protected, always available and mission-critical operations will never be disrupted.

Gateway technology

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Cloud native

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Smart(er) engine

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Industry leading & feature-rich

Gateway sets the benchmark for insurance technology platforms serving the auto and property sectors. Its agile and flexible features deliver effortless management of services including insurance claims, FNOL, property assessments, warranties and service plan provision.

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Solutions for all business needs

Whether you’re in the insurance, automotive, property, manufacturer or repair sector, Gateway’s scalability and network strength empowers you with vastly improved operational efficiencies. Get 360-degree visibility over your business to drive down costs and improve performance.

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