Claims as a Service (CaaS)

Innovation Group provides a Claims as a Service (CaaS) solution to the Global Insurance Industry with fast-response operational teams and a digital claims platform that can be up and running in a matter of days.

Business Continuity in a rapidly changing world

Innovation Group is providing a dedicated solution to manage disruption to your claims and operational centres. Our shared services centres are on call to rapidly stand up operational support delivered on Gateway, our Digital Claims Platform, and partner solutions. Gateway is designed to deliver a heads-down, automated journey for your customers which can be customised to support your process. Where human contact is required for individual policy holders, our operational centres provide global 24 x 7 support in English, German, Spanish and French.

Innovation Group's customer driving his car after using the Digital Claims Platform (Gateway), and partner solutions.

Claims as a Service (CaaS) Solutions

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Gateway gives customers instant access to submit and track their incident claim online or from their mobile or device, from first notification of loss to end resolution, wherever they are.

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Network Management

Gateway builds on Innovation Group’s 20-year network management expertise for insurers worldwide, offering unrivalled insurer, customer and supplier integration.

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Total Loss

Gateway’s end-to-end total loss module allows you to manage a vehicle total loss claim all the way from valuation to settlement, with greater efficiency and transparency.

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Claim Management

Gateway’s digital hub takes care of every part of the claim management cycle, giving clients total control, interconnectivity and oversight.

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Supply Chain Management

Gateway’s algorithmic data engine enables repairs to be accurately allocated to channels or partners in your supply chain at the right time in each step of the claims journey.

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Engineering & Estimates

Our skilled teams are available to assess damage and estimate repair costs remotely using industry estimate and data platforms and simple to use video and imaging technology.

Keep claims moving and your customers taken care of

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The COVID-19 solution is a multi-faceted challenge for all organisations. Whether your offshore call centres are facing reduced capacity or even shut-down or you are implementing work from home and business continuity plans within your own operations, technology and process may be causing serious disruption to your business.


Innovation Group is available to support both entire operations and overflow generated from the current global situation. We can rapidly onboard new clients on to our Gateway platform supported by our multi-lingual front and back-office teams.