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Technology and data

Technology and data


Pioneering latest generation technology sits at the heart of our offering to insurers. Technology that will revolutionise your customer’s experience of dealing with you. Meet Gateway: a single, simple online platform that places control of the entire claims process in your policyholder’s palm.

  • Gateway enables your customer to submit and track their claim online or from their mobile or any other device, from first notification of an incident to end resolution, wherever they are. Leak in the loft? Bumped car? They can ping a notification directly to you, their insurer, getting an instant claim decision, and triggering the process.
  • Gateway seamlessly links your customer to the supply chain repairer network and to their insurer’s own platform. So the entire process becomes visible and transparent to everyone involved. From initial rescue to full restoration of your home or vehicle.
  • The end-to-end process is simplified for everyone involved – streamlining communications, saving time and money and improving your customer’s experience.

The benefits

Gateway 1

For insurers

  • Omnichannel – your policyholders choose how they interact with you at key moments during their policy’s lifespan
  • Improved customer experience, fostering retention, brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Greater efficiency of process and communication: connecting customer, insurer and approved repairer network
  • An integrated online and call centre offering means the process can be tracked at any point, across any channel, for total visibility
  • Faster decisions and routing reduce indemnity exposure and optimise supply chain performance.
  • Reduced operational cost and expenditure
  • Improved data analytics to inform real-time decision making and future strategy
  • Application across property, motor, medical, personal injury, travel and commercial lines
  • Customer ratings make it easy to monitor the quality of the repairer network, incentivising high quality performance from supply chain

Gateway 2

For policyholders

  • Omnichannel – policyholders can choose the way they want to deal with their policy, online or via phone
  • Improved customer experience through instant claim submission and decision
  • Access to policy and claim from their mobile device, from start to finish
  • Instant access to approved repairer network
  • Real time communications and 100% visibility of the process, end to end
  • Peace of mind
  • They feel valued, encouraging brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Ability to rate repairers, providing transparent customer experience measures

Gateway 3

For the supply chain

  • Greater efficiency of process and automated data flow
  • Direct contact with all parties
  • Complete transparency and communication of status throughout the repair process, to all parties – from first notification, through to end resolution and settlement
  • High quality service will be reflected in customer ratings

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