Driver Safety Reimagined

Behavioural insights into your fleet drivers.

The Australian fleet market consists of over 2 000 000 vehicles, with fleet incident rates well in excess of 20% and over 94% of on road incidents directly linked to driver or human error. There is an increasing need for emphasis to be placed on avoiding on road incidents and improving driver behaviour, rather than containing damage after the fact.

Introducing Mentor by eDriving®, an award-winning digital app that helps fleet operators and owners improve driver behaviour and reduces the number of on road incidents.

Mentor by eDriving is a proven global risk reduction program. It is an innovative telematics app that uses smartphone sensors to collect and analyse essential driver behaviours most predictive of risk, including Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Speeding and uniquely, Phone Distraction. In addition to eliminating the need for additional hardware, Mentor offers unique features, including:

  • FICO Safe Driving Score
  • In-app Training
  • Gamification
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Manager Coaching Toolkit


Move your fleet operation into a digitally connected future focused on driver behaviour and risk management that includes:

● Monitoring of most at risk driver behaviours

● Individual FICO® Safe Driving Scores

● On-the-job learning with in-app micro training

● Friendly employee competition through Gamification

● Management tools aimed at continuous driver performance evaluations and interventions

● Reduced on road incidents

● Less injuries

● Improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


To view more of the benefits offered through the Mentor app, watch the overview video.


Innovation Group Australia is the Master Reseller of Mentor in Australia and New Zealand on behalf of eDriving