Ease and speed with remote assessment

Virtual claim assessment for unprecedented times

Accidents and damage continue to take place under the ‘new normal’. What has changed is the way of assessing claims: customers and employees want to avoid unnecessary contact and are more willing to adopt digital processes. That also means faster processing, cost and time savings for everybody involved.

Mobile-first remote claim assessment integrates seamlessly with the rest of the claim management process.

Virtual assessment process:

• The customer receives an access link over SMS or email and schedules the most convenient time for a video call.

• Information and tips are sent over prior to the call to ensure the best user experience the very first time

• The assessor calls the policyholder at the agreed time and walks them through the assessment process. Geolocation, pictures and video materials are recorded, stamped, stored and verified, ensuring all necessary details are captured and fraud-free.

• After the call the accessor can immediately progress the claim further.

• The customer gets notifications about the progress of the claim and has access to all the claim details recorded during the assessment.

• Customers share their satisfaction with the process real-time to ensure assessors and repairers can adhere to individual requirements.


Early results on low quantum incidents in Australia show we can turnaround virtual assessment, estimation and report in as little as 24 hours for motor and 48 hours for property damage.