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Full-cycle claims management

We take care of every element of the claims cycle on behalf of insurers, fleets, brokers and MGAs, covering property, automotive and travel insurance, including specialities and niches. We give our clients optimum control at every stage. We go beyond “end-to-end handling”. We offer our clients a proactive relationship focused on collaboration and long-term performance enhancement.

Full cycle

We believe we offer our clients more than an “end-to-end” service, because we contribute significantly outside of the claims process itself. A policy begins long before the first claim comes in and continues evolving long after any claim is settled. For that reason our approach is not linear and one-off, but cyclical and ongoing. We see the bigger long-term picture, helping our clients continually respond to new information and a constantly changing market.

Genuine ownership

“End-to-end” can be a misleading phrase in insurance, since it is not infrequent for organisations claiming such a service to outsource elements of it. We own every element of our claims management, including a strong FNOL team and a world class supplier network, giving us (and you) full control and accountability over performance and cost. Furthermore, the entire process and all its participants are linked by our Gateway technology, ensuring transparency, speed and complete continuity.

Active management for total control

We use our experience, skill and insight to bring competitive advantage to our clients. We are not a passive claims handling operation, we offer collaborative partnership to help drive growth.

The benefits

Control through high quality people

  • Highly trained personnel at all stages of the process, all accountable to Innovation Group
  • CII-accredited
  • Experienced teams – high retention rates lead to higher quality decision making
  • Motivated, thorough, engaged people
  • High quality customer experience
  • Claims handlers qualified in conversation management – a ‘personality drivers’ model ensures every communication is tailored to the individual customer
  • High quality repair processes in property and automotive

Control through technology

  • Happier customers
  • More continuity
  • More clarity
  • Greater speed
  • Better data insight and MI
  • Cost savings
  • Technology informed by deep market knowledge

Control over indemnity spend at all stages

  • Gateway: market-leading digital platform reduces costs
  • IG controls all aspects of each claim with processes tried, tested and evolved over decades
  • Ethos of constant innovation and improvement
  • Efficient fraud and validation checks
  • Efficient limitation of the extent of any potential third party claim
  • Savings through economies of scale across UK repair network
  • Firm and swift third party management
  • Credit hire and specialist claims defence teams
  • Experience leads to better decisions and lower fraud
  • Trusted by the world’s leading insurers
  • In circumstances where discrepancies or disputes arise from a claim we are unable to resolve, we will utilise our nominated strategic partner network
  • Personal injury: highly experienced claims team managing minor through to high value cases. Detailed and proactive investigations to establish exposure

Control over customer service

  • Our Gateway digital platform keeps the claims process swift, simple, and hassle-free
  • Sensitive call operators
  • Fast-moving repair and restoration processes
  • Customers remain well informed throughout
  • White labelled: track record of brand and reputation protection
  • Model ensuring every communication is tailored to the individual customer
  • High quality repair processes in property

Control over long-term performance

  • Potential contribution to both the underwriting / establishment and maintenance of policies
  • The claims data we collect allows us to fully assess the performance of your claims account. We understand your claims and provide in-depth reports to ensure the accounts performance and risk appetite is monitored at all times

Other benefits

  • One point of contact
  • Total flexibility. Our broad capability means we can support a deep and wide ranging variety of products
  • Quick and easy reporting 24/7, 365 days a year

Full-cycle claims management

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