Property repair management

Simplify your property repair management and make the most of your contractors’ time on the job with Gateway’s streamlined, beautifully simple functionality.

Property repair management made simple with Gateway.

For over 20 years, Innovation Group has provided total end-to-end property repair management, building on our industry-leading expertise, innovative technology solutions and strong partnerships with leading suppliers and repairers. Our pioneering platform Gateway is set to revolutionise the property repair claims management process, making it simple, streamlined and cost-effective.

By harnessing dynamic real-time data and unparalleled network connectivity, Gateway puts you in touch with the right property repair contractors for your project, immediately and based on your preferences and requirements.

Gateway’s intelligent network management handles communications across the whole property repair supply chain and eliminates time-consuming administrative hurdles with lightening-fast automated processes that save you time and money, helping you to complete property repairs faster and at lower cost.

Save time and money with optimised property repair processes.

Whatever the size of your property repair project, Gateway ensures the most time-efficient management of contractors and suppliers, because all of your network and supplier data flows are seamlessly integrated to give you a clear, unified view of project costs and scheduling with advanced data analytics and visualisation tools.


Gateway facilitates management of individual sub-contractors within an overall large project and delivers personalised communications and progress updates to customers. You can track work in progress and receive automatic financial and payment status updates to keep you fully briefed of repair progress. Gateway also takes care of contract management, including electronic signatures, renewals and notifications, so that insurers and their repairers can focus on their customers and return their lives back to normal in the shortest time possible.


Whether you’re looking to streamline claims management and administration, loss adjusting, repair and supply chain management or gain better data insights to improve operational efficiencies, Gateway gives you the tools to transform your operations, enhance customer service and deepen brand loyalty.