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We are experts in handling insurance claims, serving insurers, brokers and managing general agents and providing complete end-to-end motor and property claims management.

Our partnerships are built on listening, and listening well. This way we build highly productive relationships, customising our offer to quickly improve your bottom line. Our unique processes help your business streamline operations, optimise costs and enhance the customer experience. We have technical expertise on the ground, so the job gets done, and gets done well. We never stop looking for new ways to provide value, keeping you at the head of the field. This is vital. The pace of change, particularly in technology, has left the insurance industry behind in many areas, creating opportunities for those who adapt and innovate fastest. We believe that your clients should be able to initiate the claims process from the palm of their hand from the very first moment, simply and openly.

We know how important it is to return your policyholder’s life back to normal in the shortest possible time and the most sensitive way. And we know how vital it is to keep customers in touch: through our Gateway platform, integrated communication means everyone gets the information they need, when they need it, the way they want it.

What we do

What we do

Motor insurers

  • Complete end-to-end claims handling for motor claims including:
    • First notice of loss
    • Claims management and administration
    • Motor assessing services
    • Network and repair management
    • Recovery, salvage and settlements
    • Car hire
  • Third party proactive services / intelligent handling of third party insurers
  • Broker administration
  • 24-hour emergency / after- hours call centre
  • Insights and analysis
  • End-to-end or modular options

Property and contents insurers

  • Complete end-to-end claims handling for property claims including:
    • First notice of loss
    • Claims management and administration
    • Loss adjusting services
    • Repair and restoration management
    • Supply chain management
    • Recovery, salvage and settlements
  • Theft, burglary and accidental damage
  • Catastrophe claims management
  • Broker administration
  • 24-hour emergency / after hours call centre
  • Insights and analysis
  • Major and complex loss claims
  • End-to-end or modular options
  • Subsidence management services
    • Market-leading experts and technology
    • Analysis
    • Prevention
    • Repair
  • Underground services
    • Drains and water pipes service
    • Highly qualified engineers
    • Bespoke technology
    • Latest survey and repair techniques
    • Cost control
    • Great customer service
  • EOW Restore 24
    • Industry-leading flood drying technology
  • Environmental services
    • Geotechnical investigations
    • Arboriculture service
    • Tree surgery and estate management of trees
    • Conservation management
    • Specialist air spade excavations
    • Tree and ecological surveys

Managing general agents and brokers

  • Help with all claim-related requirements
  • Gateway – groundbreaking software platform: fast, mobile, efficient
  • Back end claims specialist
  • End-to-end service

Why use us?

World-class supplier network

  • A national network of over 700 trusted repairers that adheres to strict guidelines and understands performance goals for customer service and quality repairs
  • A tightly monitored review program for speed, quality and cost
  • Every job completed by our preferred repairers is covered by a lifetime guarantee
  • Leveraging global connectivity and resources brings greater benefits and savings locally

Great people

  • 24/7/365 surge capacity
  • Experienced
  • Expert
  • Dedicated
  • Can-do
  • Engaging
  • Listeners
  • Adaptable

Sophisticated technology

  • Gateway. This market-changing platform will allow video streaming, instant assessments, and complete connectivity throughout, transforming the claims experience for your policyholder. Gone are the days of chains of phone calls and being left in the dark. Transparency and speed are the order of the day.
  • Leaders in managing subsidence claims to reduce costs and time
  • Restore-24 has revolutionised residential and commercial drying
  • Vastly more efficient IT systems tailored to you
  • White labelled
  • Comprehensive call centre capabilities and infrastructure with the capacity to meet changing volumes
  • We provide data insights and benchmarking analysis to inform future strategy, improve performance and manage financial exposure and risk

Customer satisfaction

  • Choice
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Care and service levels
  • Connected
  • Digital

Save time and money

  • Concentrate on your core business while we look after your customers
  • Faster processing and increased efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs and administration
  • End-to-end service: efficiency and continuity
  • Size and experience of network
  • Quality control
  • Speed – less down time
  • Proven systems

What our clients say

I am a true advocate of Subsidence Management Services. An excellent management team with whom we have a long-standing relationship. Subsidence Management Services communicates, co-operates and is very easy to work with. The balance/focus between claims spend and customer service is just right. They are experts in their field.

— Hannah Dixon, Covéa Insurance

Forward thinking & continuously striving to improve & contain cost. Aligned to our customer ethics.

— Ashley Smallbone, EIG

Performance is significantly better than previous incumbents. Easy to do business with.

— Tom Ritchie, Aviva

Technology for insurers. Welcome to Gateway.

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