IG South Africa

Insurers and brokers

Insurers and brokers

We listen well and we can tailor-make our offer to your needs. We find new ways to build trust and loyalty through providing value. We know how to generate savings in indemnity and operational spend – our assessing initiatives save insurers, on average, R 2.5m per month. We deliver progress safely, helping you meet the expectations of the modern, digital customer.

We offer customised solutions, or can manage the entire process end-to-end, which offers further benefits for quality and cost – a product supplier and admin service provider all in one. And we have technical expertise on the ground… so the job gets done, and gets done well.

What we do

What we do

Motor insurance

  • Complete end-to-end offering
  • 24-hour emergency / after hours call centre
  • Broker administration
  • Claims administration
  • Motor and non-motor assessments
  • Supply chain management
  • Roadside assistance

Property insurance

  • Claims assessment
  • Claims administration
  • Property assessments
  • Supply chain management

Why use us?

Customer experience

  • Clear and simple at all stages: peace of mind
  • Connected digitally through one seamless claims platform – always informed
  • 24-hour call centre
  • Cool in a crisis: responsive, reassuring, compassionate customer service
  • Speed of resolution
  • Quality control


Cost savings

  • R 2.5m per month saving on average for insurers
  • Accurate assessments through custom built technology and highly trained technicians
  • Greater transparency
  • End-to-end integrated processes
  • Quality control
  • Intelligent use of technology and digital
  • Speed – minimal customer downtime
  • Volume – around 2,500 insurance claims per month
  • Rapid product life cycle from concept to implementation
  • Clients concentrate resources on core capabilities
  • Increased customer loyalty

Data insight

  • Collected from every stage
  • Helps build better products
  • Informs underwriting
  • Fuels innovation and future-orientated mindset
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