IG South Africa

Banking and financial institutions

Banking and financial institutions

We work with some of the biggest financial services companies in the world, including three of South Africa’s biggest banks, to help support business strategy and operational execution. We customise business processes and technology to help manage change, minimise risk and help differentiate you through innovative products. We’ll protect and grow your brand, help you expand into new markets and see that you keep breaking new ground in the ones you already serve.

What we do

  • Product development and pricing
  • Value-add products ranging from warranties to dent and scratch
  • Product distribution and sales
  • Claims management
  • Claims administration
  • Policy administration
  • Managed maintenance for fleet operators

Why use us?

  • Greater efficiency: add value whilst reducing cost
  • Exceptional client service
  • Grow your business in partnership
  • Understand and protect brand loyalty
  • Control claims costs
  • Manage loss ratios
  • Reduce administrative burden
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