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Your claim in your hands

A man holds the key to a hassle free claim right there on his mobile…

A minor accident takes place in Poland. The driver is unhurt, but immediately fears for how he will find the time to even make a claim. He takes out his mobile phone… at which point he remembers that his insurer has a new app to simplify the entire process. Could it be worth a try?

Within minutes he is filming the damage to the car and uploading it. Within half an hour he has received a quote, and a selection of repair centres to choose from. Twenty-four hours later, he is able to call and know exactly the status of the repairs.

He is using Gateway, technology which links all of the parties involved in a claim, including the repair centre. All of the information is to hand. No “we’ll get back to you”. No being passed around, waiting on hold, and unanswered calls to the workshop. No second, third and fourth calls to find out what is going on. Wasted time is kept to the bare minimum, and that is just as good for his insurer as it is for him.

This trial of Gateway in Poland has been a considerable success, and whilst the growth of Innovation Group in Poland cannot be attributed to this technology alone, it has certainly played its part. It is gaining ever-increasing take up.

Not only is the customer experience improved and time and money saved in terms of admin, research in England shows that the technology changes customers’ perception of their insurer. Because call centres now have access to all of the information, customers feel more valued and score the call centre more highly in terms of knowledge of their claim.

Technology and lifestyles move on, and those insurers that move ahead fastest have the most to gain. At Innovation Group we want to take our clients beyond the expected. Gateway will soon be rolled out to other markets worldwide – revolutionising the claims experience.

Your claim in the palm of your hand.

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