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A business is at the crossroads…

In 2000, Michel* inherited the body shop founded by his father in the south of France in 1983. A proud, traditional family business, it started to suffer a drop in activity, however, and despite a turnover of around €1m, Michel was concerned at the outlook by the time the downturn hit, around 2007. What could he do to bring the business back to winning ways?

If Michel was confident of anything, it was the standard of the work his body shop offered. What was missing was a more strategic approach to their management platform. He entered discussions with Innovation Group and signed his first contract.

In 2010 the company turned over €1.3m… but the support from Innovation Group was very evident by then: €600,000 was directly attributable to our leads. Both sides saw the value in this healthy relationship: the reliability and quality offered by Michel’s business provided the perfect reassurance to Innovation Group’s clients; and our steady income ensured that his business remained profitable.

He looked to a nearby region with the idea of opening a second body shop, knowing that this was an area where many body shops were opposed to signing contracts with insurers. The strategy paid off fast, with a turnover of €919,000 and nine employees in year one.

Some of the volumes coming through the new body shop were from a third region, and Michel saw a further opportunity, establishing a third shop in 2011, all the while in consultation with us. In year one the new garage turned over €400,000. By 2015 this had risen to €1.14M, of which about 60% comes in from Innovation Group.

In 2015, the second site turned over almost €2m and grew to 17 employees. Today, Innovation Group is responsible for about 70% of their turnover – and it is currently set to expand by 50%.

It’s through this kind of support – working collaboratively and rewarding initiative – that we have established our immense global network of tens of thousands of partnerships… that in turn underpins our clients’ success. Not only did we take Michel beyond his crisis…

We gave him the tools for growth.

*names have been changed

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