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Welcome to our Australian operation. Whether you are an insurer, a fleet manager, an automotive manufacturer, or a financial institution, we specialise in business process services, delivered by experienced staff, to help improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We’re listeners, able to be creative and adapt to your needs. End-to-end capabilities provide continuity across the whole picture. Intelligent systems and our scale improve speed and reduce costs. We can call on global know-how that makes a difference operationally as well as to claim costs. Data insight and beautifully simple digital platforms drive improvement and help shape the future. Everything is aimed at providing an outstanding, connected customer experience. And it works. Australia’s top five insurers choose us to safeguard their good name for a reason: our track record. We don’t let them down.

Who we serve

Fleet operators

We service some of Australia’s largest fleet operators with speed, efficiency and great service.


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Insurers and brokers

We provide complete claims services and operational support to major insurers in the market.


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Key Facts


motor transactions per annum on behalf of insurers and fleet operators


fleet vehicles are managed a year


repairers in our network nationwide


The top 4 fleet and leasing operators trust us to help their customers get back on track


  • Melbourne – head office
  • Sydney – claims services, regional office, fleet services

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Working with us

Going beyond the expected for our clients begins with listening. We’re strong on partnership, making a great effort to understand your business and your needs, and then customise our offer so your goals are met. We’re quick to react and quick to adapt. We have people who are loyal, forward thinking and have the energy levels required to provide great service; people with highly specialised skills and a great depth of industry experience. The aim is simple: take a “can-do” approach and help your business grow by becoming an extension of it.

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