Our capabilities

What expertise brings

Three core components come together to give us the depth of expertise that sets us apart: people, network and technology. The benefits for our clients are:

Customer satisfaction
A fast, high-quality experience for customers when an incident occurs, leading to greatly improved retention levels.

Cost savings
Efficient, well thought through processes, expert engagement with our global network and high levels of technical expertise to help lower costs.

Deeper insights through the power of technology which helps improve connectivity and inform underwriting and business strategy.


Great people

We choose our people carefully, and we invest heavily in their development. We look for positivity, creativity, initiative, energy and intelligence. We expect collaborators with outstanding people skills, capable of working in strong teams. In the end, ours is a people business, and it’s people who make the difference.

Smart technology

Technology moves forward quicker than ever, taking customers’ expectations with it. It’s important to operate in harmony with people’s lives, to improve the customer experience, save time and open the possibility for insight and better planning for the future. That’s technology. This is not about keeping up. We want to lead.

Global supplier network

You have to be there when and where it counts. No ifs. No buts. It means having the scale to be on hand, convenient, fast and hassle-free. And it means high quality, trustworthy, work that is right first time. Our global service and repair network is second to none, and subject to stringent quality control.

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