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A young couple, a baby on the way, and a house flooded with 40,000 litres of water…

A UK couple with their first child on the way were days away from moving into their new family home when a pipe in the roof burst, flooding the house with 40,000 litres of water – the equivalent of 500 baths. They were devastated. Conventional methods would mean a delay of three months while the house was dried.

However, this couple’s insurer was able to step in and tell them not to despair. Innovation Group had acted immediately, and thanks to a great deal of prior investment in this field, alongside well-primed specialist suppliers who understand the need for speed, we had cutting edge drying techniques operational right away. Immense precision and focus (to ensure that the structure of the building was not damaged), a lot of hard work, and a can-do attitude allowed something extraordinary to happen for this property owner.

The house was dry within 11 days. They moved in .

Investing in this level of expertise is in everyone’s interests. It makes a big difference for the family, who don’t suffer stress and disruption, and it makes a big difference for the insurer too. To the savings made by avoiding two and a half months’ extra relocation and drying costs, they can add a greatly enhanced reputation. The quick drying also reduced the risk of continued deterioration of the property.

This is just one of many areas of expertise offered by Innovation Group that makes the big difference for clients and customers. Water escape is the most common reason for insurance claims and the most costly for insurers. We’re investing in preventative technologies and early identification via the ‘interconnected home’ – to make sure things never even get as far as a claim.

Taking knowledge beyond its current boundaries – whether it is with subsidence, drainage, tree maintenance or bat preservation and relocation – is fundamental to retaining customers and driving down costs.

Just ask that young family at No. 54.

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