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Lightning fast hail… lightning fast response

A monster storm in Brisbane causes 67,000 claims in a week…

The bigger a hailstone gets, the faster it falls, and ‘extreme’ hailstones the size of baseballs can reach speeds of up to 100mph/160kph. In such cases cars and the roofs of houses are in for a tough time… and so are their owners… and their insurers. Innovation Group helps lessen the impact, from the personal level to the regional emergency.

Tina in the USA wrote following damage to her house and Chevrolet Trailblazer: “It has been an experience I will never forget… I know it is your job but you made me feel important. That you cared. That I was not just a number. My hat goes off to you… thank you.”

In Germany a huge hail event meant one of our body shops was overwhelmed and unable to coordinate their repair dates. We stepped in and installed an online calendar, whilst two of our employees called over 80 customers from the body shop to organize the appointments. Happy customers with fast appointments, happy insurers with reduced down time, and increased loyalty from well-handled claims.

In Brisbane, Australia, severe storms in 2014 caused damage resulting in 50,000 motor vehicle and 17,000 property claims in a week… and an estimated $1 billion in damages. Insurers were inundated.

The operations team put our catastrophe response plan into action. Additional resources were added to our call centres. People from other areas of the company supported the operations. Two pop-up assessment centres were established and assessors and support staff travelled to help provide prompt analysis of damage – some were there for weeks. Innovation Group loss adjusters moved quickly on the ground to coordinate suppliers to prioritise repairs. The response team put in long hours, and worked through weekends. Updates and reports were provided to insurers and their customers on a daily basis.

On their experience, one insurer said “It was a great team effort. We helped a large number of customers through the claims process, quickly and efficiently. We didn’t compromise quality and costs were properly managed”. Once again, when it really counted, Innovation Group showed the value of being able to take it beyond.

Lightning fast hail, lightning fast response.

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