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Delivery in every sense

A man’s car breaks down on the way to hospital… minutes before he’s due to become a father…

Few journeys can be as important as the one to hospital to be present at the birth of your child. A disastrous time to break down, but that’s exactly what happened to one of our clients’ customers in the USA. He was set to miss one of the most important events of his life.

Luckily for him, an Innovation Group affiliated tow truck is never more than five minutes from 80% of the US population, such is the reach of our network. Even with the quick arrival of help, this father-to-be was still distressed. ‘Don’t worry,’ said the driver. ‘We’ll get you there.’ And with that he drove the man directly to the hospital. He made it on time – just – to see his wife give birth to a baby boy.

This is just one of countless stories of Innovation Group going above and beyond the call of duty. We’ve had the police go and pick up motorists stranded on closed roads in a blizzard; hired limousines out of hours to make sure a mother got home to her kids; rescued people from cliffs with tractors.

We know what the end user is experiencing, and we know what that means to our clients, too. In the USA, sitting behind these stories of goodwill is “Virtual Tow”, the real time system that improves customer service, makes processes more efficient, and most of all – reduces expenses for our clients.

Adopting Virtual Tow had an immediate impact on claim severity and settlement cycle time for one of our largest insurance carriers – with approximately 4,500 employees and over 400,000 policyholders. We halved their prolonged storage from four days to two. We reduced rental car days. We contributed to a 40% reduction in advance vehicle release fees. Above all we gave them control and saved them time…

“Now our very busy adjusters can request a tow, move on to the next claim, come back and check the status… it’s great!”

Delivery in every sense.

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