Auto warranty

Gateway’s unrivalled connectivity helps you to deliver the most cost-effective auto warranty services and cut administrative hassle at the same time.

Give your customers confidence in their auto warranty coverage.

One of the biggest headaches for customers when buying a vehicle is understanding what’s protected under their warranty. Nobody wants the hassle of unexpected repair bills, so it’s important that a vehicle warranty provides peace of mind for the customer.

The less administration that the customer has to do in making sure their warranty is up to date, the happier they’ll be. Gateway’s fully flexible and customisable auto warranty module automates and speeds up the repair process, streamlines administration and provides personalised service based on individual profiles.

From sales to warranty repair management, the Gateway auto warranty module can help insurers provide comprehensive cover using the latest data and without losing sight of the customer.

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A connected ecosystem for cost-effective coverage.

With so many variable costs involved, such as vehicle components, mileage considerations and other pricing issues, insurers need to drill down in real time to ensure the most comprehensive auto warranty coverage for their customers.


Gateway sits at the centre of the insurance ecosystem to give insurers full, instant cost visibility, and the confidence that their insurance premiums and warranty quotes are based on accurate data. With Gateway’s integrated machine learning power and unrivalled network connectivity, auto warranty provision can be customised to include campaign management and configurable pricing based on customer demographics, vehicle manufacturer make and model, component costs and mileage.


Gateway is fully integrated and connected to every part of the supply chain network to speed up the repair and service process. Gateway instantly checks repairer capacity and availability to ensure service can be fulfilled and that warranty coverage is in place. It can even offer instant auto-approval for exact matches, helping the customer get back on the road sooner. Gateway also removes administrative hassles by taking care of invoicing and receipts, instant approvals and rejections. Gateway helps you give your customers confidence in their auto warranty coverage.