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Managing general agents (MGAs)

We provide MGAs with white-labelled full-cycle claims management. We cover automotive, property and travel insurance, providing speed, reliability and cost savings for niche policies through to mass-market, and for start-ups through to multiple operators. We go beyond simply “handling” claims from “end to end” (first notice of loss through to final settlement). We seek to be proactive partners through the full cycle of a policy, understanding and responding to your vision at its inception and offering on-going insight and collaboration on performance improvement into the future through comprehensive management information (MI) and data analysis.

Full-cycle claims management

We provide better control over all elements of the claims process:

  • First notice of loss
  • 24-hours emergency after-hours call centre
  • Claims management and administration
  • Motor and property damage assessment / loss adjustment services
  • Network and repair / restoration management
  • Customer care: recovery / car hire / salvage and settlements / relocation
  • MI for policy performance and ongoing underwriting
  • One point of contact
  • Full-cycle or modular options available.
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We do this for:

  • Automotive MGAs, including niche policies
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  • Property MGAs, including specialist contents
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  • Travel MGAs
  • Non-UK-based MGAs
    • Unrivalled experience for smooth access to the UK market
  • Start-ups:
    • Peace of mind with established infrastructure
    • Experienced, proactive performance management
    • Collaborative partners
    • All practices compliant with MGAA Best Practice Guide
  • Book run-offs / multiple TPA consolidation
    • Challenge performance of current TPAs
    • Simplify
    • Reduce admin
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase competitiveness
    • Scaleability

Why use us?

Four things set us apart

1. Our technology links every step of the cycle, bringing speed, savings, transparency and great customer service. For more information click here.

2. We have extraordinary personnel retention rates, meaning that all of our (IIC-accredited) staff are highly experienced, leading to better decisions and ultimately lower indemnity spend.

3. We own every element of the claims cycle, which gives us genuine and unrivalled control when it comes to managing claims:

  • Control of costs
  • Control of staff
  • Control of process
  • Control of customer service
  • Control of technology

It offers advantages on price through economies of scale. Nothing is outsourced. We train our own call centre staff. We manage our own repair network. Our success is in our hands and our clients prefer it like that, because it means theirs is too. For more information click here.

4. Our approach. We share MGAs’ affinity with innovation and unending improvement. We believe in developing relationships, and being a positive, proactive collaborator in those relationships, rather than a passive ‘handler’ of claims. For us, a completed claim is never the end… it always informs what is to come. For more information click here.

Customer satisfaction

  • Choice
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Care and service levels
  • Connected
  • Digital

World-class supplier network for the whole claims cycle

  • We own the entire claims cycle, from FNOL to repairs to MI
  • Covers automotive, property, specialised contents, travel, niche policies
  • A national network of over 700 trusted repairers that adheres to strict guidelines and understands performance goals for customer service and quality repairs
  • A tightly monitored review program for speed, quality and cost
  • Every job completed by our preferred repairers is covered by a lifetime guarantee
  • Leveraging global connectivity and resources brings greater benefits and savings locally

Proactive collaborative approach

  • Goes beyond mere claims ‘handling’
  • Collaborative partnership
  • Active performance management
  • Share experience, insight and knowledge
  • Effective MI from IT data to improve underwriting
  • Control: one point of contact

Great people

  • Experienced
  • Expert
  • Dedicated
  • Thorough
  • Can-do
  • Engaging
  • Listeners
  • Adaptable
  • IIC accredited

Sophisticated technology

  • Gateway. This market-changing platform gives clients the power to initiate the claims process from the palm of their hand from the very first moment, simply and openly
  • Gateway allows video streaming, instant assessments, and complete connectivity throughout, transforming the claims experience for policyholders
  • Replaces chains of phone calls and customers left in the dark with transparency, speed and insight
  • Source of management information, data insights and benchmarking analysis to inform future strategy, improve performance and manage financial exposure and risk
  • Comprehensive call centre capabilities and infrastructure with the capacity to meet changing volumes: 24/7/365 surge capacity
  • White labelled
  • Innovation Group owned technology and innovation on the ground creates savings. EG:
    • Restore-24 has revolutionised residential and commercial drying
    • IG is the leader in managing subsidence claims to reduce costs and time

Save time and money

  • Concentrate on your core business while we look after your customers
  • Experienced decision-making lowers indemnity spend
  • Faster processing and increased efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs and administration
  • Genuine full-cycle claims capability: efficiency, quality control and continuity
  • Size and experience of network
  • Speed – less down time
  • Proven systems

Technology for MGAs. The Gateway to success.

Go beyond “end-to-end”. Get full-cycle claims management.

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